Our depth of knowledge, experience and clear approach make Leffler Marcus & McCaffrey ideal defense counsel for clients facing difficult professional liability, toxic tort, or construction accident claims.

Our Approach
In what are often emotionally charged cases, a successful defense, from both a results and costs perspective, depends on how well the following are handled:
  • Early identification of key issues – Ambiguities in the law and disputed material issues of fact are the factors that dictate how complex a given case will be. The sooner the critical issues are isolated from those that are ancillary or unimportant, the more effectively resources can be allocated and opportunities seized.
  • Clear flow of information – Litigation is by definition a process. It occurs over time and has discrete phases. It is imperative that the client receive clear and timely information regarding the progress and approaching control dates in his or her case — particularly in matters of alleged professional malpractice, where a professional’s reputation is at stake. This way, client anxieties regarding the lawsuit can be reduced and the client may most productively contribute and provide necessary information for a successful defense.
  • A cool head when dealing with emotional issues – It is never easy being a defendant in a lawsuit, especially lawsuits where the defendant faces large potential liabilities or in which professional competence or integrity is being questioned.  A client’s overall concerns are never treated dismissively. However, as defense counsel we know that the best results are obtained when economics, not emotions, prevail in important decision making. Particularly in cases that should be settled, it is important that a client understands this point and that their defense counsel is dedicated to their interests. Likewise when cases cannot or should not be settled, it is important for the insured to be confident that their trial attorney is experienced and dedicated to their defense.

Who We Serve
Our firm represents members of the medical profession, engineers, and architects in disciplinary proceedings and liability suits in the New York Metropolitan Area. We continue to represent authors and publishers in media claim issues. We also represent construction companies, landlords and managing agents in toxic tort, lead paint, and construction accident claims. 

What Makes Us Different
Experience and Efficiency - All of our litigators are trial lawyers and bring an understanding of the entire process to each phase of the case. All of our lawyers are experienced in representing professionals and business people and understand our clients’ professional standards and day-to-day business practices. All of our paralegals are experienced, permitting attorneys to devote their time to the issues truly requiring their expertise. It is this combination that allows us to effectively implement our approach and to consistently obtain favorable results for our clients—be it by trial or by settlement.
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