At Leffler Marcus and McCaffrey, we offer an aggressive and intelligent approach to litigation that will have a positive impact on your bottom line. We represent plaintiffs and defendants in many types of commercial litigation, including:
  • Contract disputes
  • False Claims Actions, including Medicare and Medicaid Claims
  • Licensing disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Shareholder/partnership disputes
  • Estate litigation
  • Tax litigation
  • Bankruptcy matters - small business and professional practice Chapter 11 reorganizations
  • Consumer bankruptcy Chapter 7 and 13
  • Bankruptcy trials and proceedings, adversary complaints, fraudulent transfer actions, objections to discharge

Who We Serve
Our clients include a wide variety of companies in the following categories:

  • Small and Midsized Companies – Most of our clients are privately held, with revenues of between $1 million and $50 million.

  • Law Firms – Other firms that are seeking outside lawyers with extensive trial expertise.

  • Larger Companies – We also handle discreet matters for large companies. Past clients include Cathay Pacific, U.S. Trust, AIG Insurance and St. Vincent's Hospital.

  • Professional Practices – Medical Practices, Law Firms, Accountants.

What Makes Us Different
We distinguish ourselves from other litigation practices:

  • Cost of Justice Analysis – Before we begin pursuing litigation, we use a proprietary, step-by-step diagnostic tool to verify that it makes business sense to sue or strategize a sound compromise. Click here to view our “Cost of Justice Calculator" in PDF format.

  • Trial Expertise – We have thousands of hours of courtroom experience. This means that, unlike many litigators, we are always ready, willing and able to take your case to trial.

  • Efficiency – We accomplish more per billable hour than larger firms. While we are by no means cheap, we guarantee that no firm offers better value.
  • Aggressive and Intelligent Approach – In our experience, the best overall result will be obtained, whether by verdict or settlement, by being consistent, level-headed and aggressive throughout the litigation process.
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